Your tattoo, your design – generated in seconds

What is Ai-Tattoos

Elevate your tattoo journey with Ai-Tattoos, a groundbreaking mobile app. Feed your creativity by generating stunning, personalized tattoo images from text input. Choose from an extensive range, including biomechanical, line-art, blackwork, and mesmerizing watercolor tattoos. Unleash the infinite possibilities of Ai-powered designs to make your ink dreams come alive.

Where can I download the app?

Generate your dream Tattoo in seconds

unlimited designs, ideas, sketches.

It's entirely free

Just download and start – no registration required

Not yet convinced?

Ai-Tattoos has a wide range of possible tattoo styles. You can see all the different styles for yourself in our image gallery. Geometric, Blackwork, Dotwork, etc.


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Watercolor mermaid tattoo
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